Dated 1st February 2019

  1. This warranty is only based on manufacture structural mistakes.
  2. The warranty is only valid in RSA (or if returned to RSA).
  3. Any product delivered by our Company will be collected if under warranty.
  4. Any product collected from any of our factories must be returned if under warranty.
  5. Products delivered that are not correctly finished off or damaged must not be signed for andshould be returned with the truck. Any claim thereafter will not be honoured.
  6. Any products delivered via courier must be insured by client and claim dealt with directlywith courier company.
  7. Any product that deems to be manhandled will not be covered under our warranty.
  8. Any product that has a material fault, like delamination or peeling, the damaged planks willbe replaced, not the entire bench
  9. Benches must be placed on an even surface, if not, it will sag.
  10. Refunds are not given as the bench will be repaired until it is correct.
  11. If a bench is in for repairs, we repair it and do not replace it.
  12. Benches tend to become a little hot in Summer, but not unbearable.
  13. Use soapy water only to clean.
  14. Products not paid for in full may not be offloaded.
  15. Any products that are custom made to order will not be changed or refunded once deliveredor collected.
  16. Do not move benches by lifting on table tops in the heat.
  17. Benches tampered with will automatically fall out of warranty.
  18. Benches not collected as arranged (no longer than 5 days) will be charged a storage fee atR50.00 per bench per day. (Space is sadly very limited).
  19. The original invoice must be produced if under warranty.
  20. The warranty is not transferable.

Please not that we are not unreasonable with our warranties and that it is our policy to assist where and whenever we can

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